A web chat is a system that allows users to communicate in real time using easily accessible web interfaces.

It is a type of Internet online chat distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility to users who do not wish to take the time to install and learn to use specialized chat software.

A representative of the Bank will then introduce themselves and ask if you have any questions or enquiries that they can assist you with.

You can also decline the invitation to chat at any time.


The opers on Web Chat are all fucking retards, who like to throw their power around every chance they get, and love to involve themselves in channel affairs where they are not welcome.

In doing so, the chat window will disappear so you are able to continue browsing the Comm Bank website as you please.

The Webchat session is secured and encrypted to protect customer information.

In order for web chat to launch, you will need to disable any pop-up blockers you have running in your browser.

To do this, follow the specific browser instructions below, or view the documentation for any third party software you have installed.

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