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Let’s not get caught up in whether having readings, sermon, (hymns!) is a breach of the rubrics, but if these are inserted would you put most of the stuff the actual marriage … It may be noted that while the Eastern and Western Churches have adopted each other's festivals, December 25th has never been accepted in the Armenian calendar. Toward the end of the fourth century, both the Eastern and Western Churches began to adopt one another's festivals; however, the Western Church chose to associate the Epiphany more with the visit of the Magi, and emphasize the festival as the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles.A few reflections on the royal wedding, in no particular order – and hoping you might add yours…Noticeable to me was that essentially the liturgical grammar was: come in and pretty much one of the first things that happens – they are married. Many things are done mechanically by the majority of workers without knowing why they do them... Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best Translations in divers Languages. Two preliminary leaves ending with the Contents page (which includes the books of the Apocrypha), both carefully repaired with loss to outer edges. Imprinted at London : By Robert Barker, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majestie, 1615. Referenced by Herbert 306 / Darlow & Moule 237 / STC 2212 . Family history details to verso - Dawson & Groomes 1792 - 1850. Followed by the New Testament, beginning with an engraved title-page (dated 1628). Company of Stationers, 1629." - All Psalmes present but missing the last leaf of Prayers. A very good original leather binding over thick wooden bevelled boards. Clean black letter text in double columns, but the last few leaves are absent, the text ending on p.70 (Psalm Cxiiii).

solemnization matrimony anglican book common prayer dating 1662-74

Some time after that, the Eastern Church adopted the date and festival, but it was associated with the Nativity of Christ, consistent with Church Doctrine that Jesus is both human and Divine.

On January the 6th, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, or the Manifestation of Christ.

And so we can see in the four week period of Advent the joyful expectation of the birth of Christ, and the redemption that comes to us through His Incarnation, while at the same time reflecting in awe on the judgment that still awaits us.

Pressure Die Castings in Light & Heavy Non-Ferrous Alloys. Birmingham: Birmingham Aluminium Casting (1903) Co. Maroon cloth, gilt title to front, sunning to spine. ", "Why do the bottoms of small cakes baked in tins sometimes peel off? London: IMPRINTED AT LONDON by ROBERT BARKER, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. Clear Roman letter text throughout, in double column, with marginal notations. Followed by half title: "This Second Part Of the Bible..." . Robert Barker, Printer to the Queenes most Excellent Maiestie. "The description of the holy land..." with a half-page map before the beginning of Matthew. With most profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things of great importance, as may appeare in the Epistle... Later off-white plain endpapers (handmade paper), preserving the original endpapers with numerous family history details for the Topham, Coulson and Whitehead families (1754 - 1831, Yorkshire ) . Engraved New Testament title page dated 1605, followed by 3 preliminary leaves. Clear black letter text throughout, pages toned, a few trimmed along the leading edge, just affecting the marginal notes, and also along the top edge, just affecting the leaf number. Referenced by Herbert 286 / Darlow & Moule 220 / Wing STC 2197 ** Ancestry files list the marriage of John Coulson and Mary Topham at Settrington Church, Yorkshire on October 8th 1776; and the subsequent marriage of George Whitehead and Rebekah Coulson at Holbrough Church, Yorkshire on August 12th 1818. Plain dark brown polished calf covered boards, spine professionally repaired - 5 raised bands. Prayer book bound before the bible, complete except for the title page. To the verso of the title: "Of the incomparable treasure..."; followed by: "To the Christian Reader"; and to verso: "How to take profit..." . 4 leaves of the Apocrypha with a light blue stripe (staining from a blue ribbon). Referenced by Herbert 287 / Wing STC 2198 Price: 1200.00 GBP 17TH CENTURY BIBLE - King James Version . Price: 2400.00 GBP 17th Century Bible - King James' version with the Apocrypha . Clean black letter text in double columns, marginal notes and good margins, just a little page toning. There are also the mounts for two clasps, unfortunately these are absent. The title page to the Book of Common Prayer is absent, the text begins with the second leaf of the Calendar. Clean engraved general title page with heart-shaped centre, followed by 7 leaves of preliminary matter, before the start of the Old Testament.

"Written to emphasise the technical and commercial advantages of the process and to indicate the limitations and pitfalls that can be avoided by the observation of certain simple but important rules." Pp.63, black & white photos and figure illustrations throughout, maps (showing road approaches to Birmingham Aluninium Casting, Birmid Works, Dartmouth Road, Smethwick 40, Birmingham) to endpapers. The questions answered here are selected from a list of questions which were put to me by young men receiving instruction at school or in the bakery, together with one or two other questions which occured to me as being of general interest to all enthusiastic confectioners, young and old." Questions include: "Why is cream of tartar or lemon juice added to puff pastry? With most profitable Annotations upon all hard places.... The first two leaves of Genesis, have also been carefully repaired, but without loss. Followed by an engraved title to the New Testament... Price: 1200.00 GBP 17TH CENTURY BIBLE - Geneva Version . Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages. Plain dark brown calf covered boards, professionally rebacked in matching dark brown calf. Engraved New Testament title page dated 1606, followed by 3 preliminary leaves. Bound with: "Two right profitable and fruitfull Concordances...1606.", ending with colophon. Company of Stationers, 1605." (incomplete - ending with Psalm CVII.) Clear black letter text throughout, with good margins. A very good 17th century black letter bible, in a black morroco leather binding (probably 19th century? Family history details to the verso; Woodward and Nicholls 1661 - 1744 . Clean Black letter text in double columns throughout. Referenced by Herbert 412 / Darlow & Moule 316 / STC 2282 . 0 A very good contemporary binding with brass corners and central diamond-shaped brass boss. Blind stamp decorated calf with 4 brass corner bosses and one central boss to each board.

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