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These are the 20 funniest business cards of all time.

The answer to why white people can't dance is really quite simple.

Giving your business card to a woman might suggest to her that you are full of yourself, or that you are only interested in doing business with her, or that you are too much of a p-ssy to not beat around the bush and make your interest a little more clear.

And, that’s not the impression you want to make of course, especially if you are interesting in meeting and getting the attention of the classy, quality women .

For hundreds of years, Caucasian humans have consumed massive amounts of mayonnaise and sour cream which has severely retarded the evolution of their dancing There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling out and in fact, it's the whole point of becoming a celebrity in the first place.

or get a free appetizer at TGI Friday's for that matter.

They offer a range of credit card products, all emblazed with their famous black horse motif.

Now part of New Day, the Marbles credit card brand was established in the mid 1900's as a challenger to the existing credit card brands.

Here are some sample taglines: • Helping Families Build Wealth • Balanced money * balanced life • Plan * Implement * Achieve • Good business card taglines are those that help you attract your favorite, affluent clients. When I'm networking, I study business cards for WOW! That's why I created this special "How to Report" that will show you how to write a tagline that will position your business for success.

Great taglines however, have several traits that good ones do not – ZING! I reveal mistakes business owners make that sabotage their financial success.

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