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To achieve optimal performance, specify your commands explicitly rather than using the Db Command Builder. Database views that are created by joining two or more tables together are not considered a single database table.

In this instance you cannot use the Db Command Builder to automatically generate commands; you must specify your commands explicitly.

For information about explicitly setting commands to resolve updates to a .

One common task would be retrieving the value of an automatically generated identity field or time stamp from the data source.

There is all sorts of literature on this topic but people still keep asking the same questions. If you're not using SQL Server then it's a simple matter of switching to the corresponding types of the appropriate namespace for your data source. It can be used to execute a query but you'd never use it for that unless you were populating a view or temp table. Finally, this code uses all the "old style" data access types. NET 2.0 I suggest creating a Data Source to generate a typed Data Set and Table Adapters.

I'm creating this thread so I can send people here to look at some example code that I know will demonstrate all the principles they need. For example, if you're using an Access database then you'd use an Ole Db. Usually you'd use Execute Non Query to execute a DELETE, INSERT or UPDATE command: Note that I have not provided code for disposing objects or catching exceptions. The principles there are basically the same except that you have to write less code. " Videos: VB | C# VBForums Database Development FAQ My Code Bank Submissions: VB | C# My Blog: Data Among Multiple Forms (3 parts) Beginner Tutorials: VB | C# | SQL Hi, I found your compilation verry usefull in my project... Since I'm a new user of VB Express Edition 2008, can you help me in my problem regarding retrieving a recordset and afterwards editing one of its field.

The key to @@Identity is that it returns the value of an autoincrement column that is generated .

This last bit is important, because it means that the Connection object used for the Insert query must be re-used without closing it and opening it up again.

They both contain a list of names, id numbers, and associated data.

I know how I could do this very easily with a database inner join, but I'm less clear on how to do this efficiently in Excel. Bonus points for showing how to do outer joins as well, and I would greatly prefer knowing how to do this without needing a macro.

Note that you might get a dialog box saying ' This data source contains no visible tables', followed by a ' Query Wizard - Choose Columns' dialog.

These principles can be extended or adjusted and applied to any data access situation. Those are general topics that do not relate specifically to data access so they should be learned elsewhere. All SQL statements are added via the Data Set designer and all you really have to do is create Table Adapters and call their methods. Additional Info: in the first scenario, im going to create a new data, and because this is a Time keeping System, First Im just going to get the Time IN and leave the Time OUT Column blank.. OLEDB.12.0; Data Source='C:\Users\Richard Colbert\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Windows Application1\Windows Application1\shenandoah.accdb'") Dim adapter As New Ole Db.

The Execute Scalar method returns the value from the first column of the first row of the query's result set: Note that Data Table. NET 1.x Retrieving multiple records for display and editing, then saving the changes. Fill method populates a Data Table with the contents of the result set of a query. Update method saves the changes in a Data Table in accordance with the SQL statements contained in the Delete Command, Insert Command and Update Command properties: Saving changes directly to one or more records in the database. Execute Non Query method will execute any SQL statement and not return a result set. All three return an Integer that contains the number of records that were either retrieved (Fill) or saved (Update, Execute Non Query).

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