Disable peerguardian before updating

It blocks connections to and from hosts specified in huge block lists (thousands or millions of IP ranges).pgl is based on the Linux kernel netfilter framework and iptables.The first public version was released in 2003, at a time when the music industry started to sue individual file sharing users (a change from its previous stance that it would not target consumers with copyright infringement lawsuits).The original Peer Guardian (1.0) was programmed in Visual Basic and quickly became popular among P2P users despite blocking only the common TCP protocol and being known for high RAM and CPU usage when connected to P2P networks.The system is also capable of blocking custom ranges, depending upon user preferences.The Windows version of this program has been discontinued in favor of other applications (Phoenix Labs encourage current Peer Guardian users to migrate to Peer Block which is based on Peer Guardian 2 Development on Peer Guardian started in late 2002, led by programmer Tim Leonard.A more native, efficient solution to achieve the same end is to use the ipset kernel module in conjunction with the pg2ipset tool and the ipset-update script. Users are encouraged to exercise best judgment and the information available at I-Blocklist.It is recommended to disable the filtering of HTTP connections by adding the following to Conversely, one could white list all the ports except the ones used by the program to be blocked.

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The aim of its use was to block peers on the same torrent download from any visibility of your own peer connection using IP lists.

pgl consists of three components: pgld, pglcmd and pglgui.

Users control pgl Note for blocklist operations: When the master blocklist is built, missing single blocklists are downloaded.

The following example only use the block lists to stop incoming traffic on ports 53 (DNS) and 80 (HTTP): systemd initialization of the system means that it's quite possible for a server to be briefly unprotected, prior to pgl launch.

To ensure adequate protection, create a service file named after the original server (i.e.

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