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That they have your full attention for the few members of our community of singles for dates, but instead.

im getting frustrated and mad to yoo chun's wife!! she's married already and her being his teacher is way way out of the line...haissstttt!!! I wish DBSK would get back together *sigh* or is it too late now.

I started watching this movie a while ago, but it was a little boring so i I started to watch it again and I have to say this movie isn't boring at all^^ the ending is hilarious and the story tells a different romantic lovestory as we usual know (like a poor girl falls in love with a rich guy) liked it very much ^_^ I love Korean dramas but nobody explains anything properly and it causes such trouble ... its such a taboo but why is it no one cares when dramas show this kind of topic ..

Danger is beautiful and that is where her stage name Abella Danger comes from.

The second part of her stage name is last name of a guy she was dating back then.

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