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It makes sense, then, to desire that firm belonging in the form of a connection to a solid community.

Or (that hypothetical handful of) readers who might, eventually, hopefully, one day enjoy it? We spent the bulk of the day at round tables, sharing and listening.I find myself longing, in other words, for the firm, intimate connection of a single, secure, close-knit community–a single, secure source of belonging.This longing–I was recently affirmed (as I often am) by a Tara Brach podcast–is extremely human. While mindfulness and other self-help-ish dogma can counsel that the most important love is for and within ourselves, she reminds us that we’re programmed with the biological need to connect with others.If you’d succeeded at your very first relationship, where would you be? That’s all many of us want, at least until we decide we want otherwise.And, frankly, at a time when marriage means less and less, dating “unsuccessfully” and/or for fun is both the only way to ensure that if you This is also why you shouldn’t “blame the guys,” as Stanger says: “Men in New York are more selfish these days.

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