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While there is nothing illegal about dating during the divorce process, just because you can legally date during divorce proceedings does not mean you should, even if your spouse is.

It can be tempting to dive back into the dating pool, especially with the encouragement of family and friends to do so.

Her disappearance left her best friends from Birmingham's Mountain Brook High confused, angry and bereft.

From the first day she went missing, her classmates lived through the frustrations of an inconclusive police investigation and the indignities of a media firestorm that made Natalee Holloway a household name.

I would like to hear your story, walk with you to regroup, recover and live again.

Appreciating the opportunity to work with you in a safe non-judgemental environment, encouraging forgiveness of oneself and others, I strive to ensure your full benefit.

At Rape Response, we believe in saturation over sprinkling–we’re happy to visit your organization multiple times in order to increase the capacity for understanding the causes of and preventing sexual violence.

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In short, dating adds stress to an already stressful situation – stress that can be avoided by waiting.Some people believe that women ask to be raped because of the way they dress or behave.Others believe that rape is only committed by strangers.Please verify the status of the code you are researching with the state legislature or via Westlaw before relying on it for your legal needs.Rape is a very difficult topic to address due to the multitude of myths and misinformation on the topic.

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