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The unit's operators are highly skilled in sniping and close quarters combat (CQB), dynamic and covert entry, explosives and hand-to-hand combat.Over the years, Delta have developed a working knowledge of systems on aircraft, trains, ships and vehicles that enables them to intervene and take control of any scenario in any environment.Oh, and they're also quite fun to fly and are, in fact, man's oldest form of manned-air transport.In 1783 one hundred and twenty years before the Wright brothers took to the skies, the world's first passenger carrying hot air balloon flew over France.And we often associate them with kiddies' parties, but believe you me there's a lot more to the story of balloons than cakes and clowns. Doctors use them to open arteries of patients with heart disease.Surgeons can use them to stretch skin, allowing women to have bigger silicone implants.Ask it in our Army forums and get started on your Army career today!Here's our practice ASVAB question for this week - check below in the comments for the answer! We have a complete archive of these questions, as well as two complete practice tests at our ASVAB Test Center. Get a jump on picking a job with our MOS Job Listings.

RICHARD AMBROSE: Of course it wasn't long before humans followed where those intrepid farmyard animals led and balloons were taking to the skies across the world.

It is believed the new system mixes scanning systems with a system to disable drones mid flight, or cause them to return to their base, allowing them to be tracked.

According to Army documents, 'ELTA North America Inc., Annapolis Junction, Maryland, has been awarded a ,553,483 firm-fixed-price letter contract for counter-unmanned aerial systems.

But that’s misleading because in all those places it represents a sliver of the local populace that, while a clear and present danger to the locals, isn’t a threat to their political control. military is now engaged in its third war in Iraq since 1991 not because ISIS represents a clear threat to U. Yet if the Pentagon’s top spies disagree over what to do about ISIS, what hope is there for the average citizen to figure it out?

THE PENTAGON VIEWLet’s start with a couple of givens, from the Pentagon’s perspective. “We are in a global war with a radical and violent form of the Islamic religion, and it is irresponsible and dangerous to deny it,” retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn said in a Jan. Flynn was pushed out of his job early as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency last August for his management style and views on Islamic terrorism.

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